GWM Released 2020 WEY VV6 in China Market


We learned from the GWM official that 2020 WEY VV6 will be launched today in China. The new car is mainly upgraded for the configuration, and the appearance does not change much. It also updated the 2.0T inline 4-cylinder engine to meet China-VI emission standard. Price of 2020 WEY VV6 starts from 148,000 ends at 175,000 yuan (~US$21,538 – US$25,467).

Highlights of 2020 WEY VV6:

  1. 7th-gen ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam) Laser High-Beam
  2. lane centering keeping system
  3. lane change assist system
  4. Moving Object Detection
  5. In-vehicle camera with intelligent assisted driving function
  6. New 2.0T E20CB engine, max. torque up to 387N.m

As a model year update, the change in the appearance of the new car is not obvious, it still maintains the design style of the current model. The intake grille is more three-dimensional than the current one, and looks more refined. At the same time, the new car will be equipped with intelligent laser headlights in the later stage (not available in the early stage of the listing), the headlights will automatically monitor the situation of the incoming car and automatically control the brightness of the corresponding area of the high beam when the speed exceeds 40km/h; The laser-assisted high beam will be automatically turned on to enhance the lighting effect when the speed exceeds 75km/h.

On the side and the rear end, 2020 WEY VV6 continues the current design, but offers a new rim style with two-tone design for a sportier feel. In addition, the internal structure of the new taillight group is adjusted to look like a full LED.

In the interior part, 2020 WEY VV6 has not changed much, it adds blue and gray color matching interiors, while the central control touch screen has been upgraded from the current 9-inch to 12.3-inch. In terms of configuration, 2020 WEY VV6 adds post-collision warning function, some features face recognition device and an in-vehicle camera mainly for fatigue monitoring.

The 2020 WEY VV6 is equipped with a high-speed camera in the A-pillar position. In addition to a series of functions such as automatic seat memory after facial recognition, the most important mission is to monitor the driver status, it allows driver to release both hands in high speed cruising.

After the VV6’s adaptive single-lane cruise control function is turned on, as long as the driver puts his hands on the steering wheel, WEY VV6 can maintain normal driving in the same lane including cornering. When the driver changes lanes but there are vehicles in the rear trying to overtake, the car can be pulled back to the original lane in a more comfortable rather than blunt way.

In terms of power, 2020 WEY VV6 is equipped with a 2.0T inline four-cylinder engine that can meet CN-6 emission standards. The maximum power is 227 ps and the peak torque is 387 Nm, which is 30ps and 32 Nm higher than the current model. In the transmission system part, the new car is matched with 7-speed wet dual-clutch gearbox. In addition, the new car still offers two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive models.