Teaser Images of HAVAL B06, But Not HAVAL H5


Recently, we reported some spy photos and renderings of HAVAL’s new SUV model. Today, the official once again announced more details of the car’s preview, let us have a more detailed understanding of Haval’s new SUV. It is reported that the car is built based on a new vehicle platform, internal code-named B06, it will become the first model of a new car series built by Haval. The car is designed by Phil Simmons (former Land Rover Design Director), the global design director and vice president of Great Wall Motors. The exterior and interior design adopts a new design language, and the overall style is more rigid. The official also stresses that the B06 is not the rumored Haval H5, most probably it will be a new lineup. It is reported that Haval B06 will be listed in the third quarter of this year.

Haval B06 adopts a styling design that is different from other UV models. The square shape and round headlights greatly improve the recognition of the front face. Officials say that this is expressing a personality attitude in a way to pay tribute to the classics. According to the details of the latest exposure, the bulging lines on the Haval B06 engine cover are very muscular, and the large-sized air intake grille has added exquisite chrome trim and a thick front bumper, making the front face of the new car look thick. The shape of the round headlights is very retro, with integrated far and near beam lights, and the shape of the circular daytime running lights is also very technological.

For the rear, the overall shape of HAVAL B06 is also square. The rear light and rear bumper can be said to be the biggest highlights of the tail. The inverted “L” type width indicator has a very high degree of recognition, with 5 LED lamp beads, it looks very stylish and refined. The wild breath in the tail. In addition, the car will also be equipped with roof racks and a panoramic sunroof.

According to the previously exposed interior spy photos, the interior of the Haval B06 also gives people a bright feeling, whether it is a built-in central control large screen, or a knob-type electronic gear lever, all create a very strong technology. The large central armrest and the hollow storage space under the central channel show good texture and convenient design. As for the power system part, since the new car will be built on a brand-new platform, it is expected to be equipped with 1.5T and 2.0T engines to meet China VI emission standards. The transmission might be matched with a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox and equipped with a four-wheel-drive system.