Haval launches its new coupe SUV named Haval H6S!


On August 27, at the 10th anniversary of the Haval brand, the event was held at Chengdu Open Air Music Park, China. On the auspicious occasion, the brand unveiled its new coupe SUV model named Haval H6S. It is the first coupe SUV which is built under the Great Wall Motor Lemon Motor Platform. The vehicle looks stylish and is a new attempt to capture the coupe segment by Haval. Pre-sale price of 138,900 yuan to 164900yuan (~US$21,460 – US$25,477).

Haval H6S

Features of the new Haval H6S!

The Haval H6S comes in a bold appearance design and avant-garde style. In terms of design, as the first coupe SUV model built on the Lemon platform, the new design brings a strong sense of freshness. Even though the all-new Haval H6S was adapted from the naming pattern of the H6 series, the designs of both models are entirely different. And both of these models don’t share any similarities in structure.

Haval H6S has a fresh front face style design which reduces the size of the front grille, and the front face strengthens the LOGO of the model and makes it more eye-catching. It is worth mentioning that the words of an official who revealed that the inspiration of the new design was from “shark” design, making the styling more aggressive now.

The positioning of the new car can be clearly seen through the outline of the sides of the H6S. The addition of blackened wheels helps the Haval H6S to look sporty now. Further, the front and rear of the coupe SUV echo its wild nature. Apart from it, the same also highlights the temperament of the cross-border wind. The rear part of the H6S also comes with a new design and has a new rear spoiler which looks very exciting. Finally, the bilateral exhaust also seems very powerful.

Further, the interior of the Haval H6S continues the design concept of Haval H6. But it will bring different visual experiences by bringing differences in color matching and detail decoration. The interior of the new coupe SUV will be primarily in black color. It will also come with sports seats that use the Alcantara material. Further, it will also get bright yellow decorative lines which brings a sporty atmosphere.

It will come with two engine options!

The new car will come with two different engine options. One is the traditional gasoline version, and the other is a hybrid version. Interestingly, both have different exterior designs. The gasoline version comes with a 2.0-liter engine with a maximum out of 218 HP (160kW) and a peak torque of 340 Nm. At the same time, the hybrid version will equip a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine which pairs with an electric dual-motor to make it a hybrid engine. It has a combined maximum power output of 245 HP (180kW) and a peak torque of 540 Nm. The vehicle will use the BorgWarner Haldex four-wheel-drive system, which will have six different driving modes. These six modes are standard, sports, economy, snow, mud, and sand. The car uses Great Wall’s second-generation 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) in the transmission system.

More information about the background of the new car!

The new Haval H6S comes with the advantages of the new lemon platform of GWM. The new platform can produce SUVs, cars, and other models. Another significant advantage of the same is that it can be adapted to different fuels and a variety of hybrid powertrains. Therefore, it is natural not to develop a coupe SUV based on a mature platform. It will be too strenuous for the platform to do that. A few months back, the Great Wall also unveiled a coupe SUV named F7x, and the same received a lot of market attention once it went on the market.

However, during that time, the Great Wall’s strategy of the platform wasn’t exerted clearly. Because of this, the F7x appeared to be a little alone after the listing. But this time, the GWM brand Haval is prepared for the launch of Haval H6S. And we can expect the brand to launch a variety of models, including traditional gasolines and hybrid vehicles. It will no longer fight alone like its previous models.

Let us talk about the rivals of the new Haval H6S.

Lynk & Co 05
Lynk & Co 05

Talking about the rivals, the new coupe from Haval has mainly two opponents in the Chinese market: the Lynk & Co 05 and Changan CS85, respectively.

Changan CS85
Changan CS85

The number of Coupe SUVs of Chinese brands is not too few in the market today. Apart from the coupe SUV models which we had mentioned above, i.e., the Lynk & Co 05 and Changan CS85. The Geely Xingyue is also a significant rival for the new Haval coupe. The coupe from Haval, the H6S, will compete directly with these models once the same goes public. It is worth mentioning that the Lynk & Co 05 will also be officially unveiled today. From the time of the launch of these two cars, you can already feel an atmosphere of competition in the segment.

Even though there are many coupe SUV models among Chinese brands, these still have room for development. After all, the market competition between classic cars and SUVs is really aggressive. However, the consumer’s attention to coupe SUV models is not as close as that of the traditional SUV models. Because of this reason, there are not many competitors for coupe models in the market right now. The brands need to create a world that will open up new growth for the coupe SUV market. That’s it, and it is time to develop different models which most consumers prefer.