Great Wall Motors Released New Concept Car – HAVAL Vision 2025 on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show


The HAVAL brand’s new concept car HAVAL Vision 2025 debuted at 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. The new car is positioned as a global intelligent SUV, demonstrating Haval’s unique vision of future car development.

If you are on site, you will definitely be attracted by the dynamic appearance of HAVAL Vision 2025. As a SUV, it is really unique to have such a shape. We may still find Haval family-style design elements on the front face of HAVAL Vision 2025 concept car, such as the inverted trapezoidal grille, the prominent hood. The overall shape is avant-garde and dynamic, using Haval family front grille design, the center is complemented by diamond-shaped elements, the long and narrow headlights on both sides run through the front, the lower bumper is designed with X elements, which is very exaggerated.

On the body side, we may find more WEY elements: streaming rear-view mirrors, full side contours, and hugely sized hubs are all eye-catching designs. The concept car has a hinged rear door, it is worth noting that the whole car does not have any door handles at all. Is this the designer’s negligence, or is Haval confident in its keyless entry system? let us wait and see.

Anyway, what is more eye-catching is its interior design, Haval Vision 2025 brings the ultimate romantic visual effect with a panoramic star sky. It uses dark and light contrast colors design, a flat-bottom double-spoke multi-function steering wheel. It is understood that Haval Vision 2025 will use 5G transmission technology, based on this technology, it cuts off most physical buttons, the large-size large screen and auxiliary screen become the most eye-catching in the car.

The concept car will also use the AR-HUD enhanced live view navigation system, which integrates the AR auxiliary functions into the windshield, allowing navigation, instrumentation and communication information to be “integrated” with the road.

In addition, Haval Vision 2025 will also incorporate face recognition technology, users can use mobile phones instead of traditional keys, it can directly obtain vehicle usage rights through cloud account face recognition. After the certification is passed, the concept car can also automatically adjust the seat memory settings, health information, music preferences, etc. based on the account information data. In addition, virtual rearview mirrors, remote authorized unlocking vehicles, 3D real-time car finding, streaming rearview mirrors and other technologies will also be equipped on this concept car.

At the 2019 Shanghai auto show, Phil Simmons, the vice president of Great Wall Motors and Global Creative Director of Haval, said: “The Haval Vision 2025 represents Haval’s vision for stylish, reliable and smart car in 2025. The new generation SUV, Not only is it a simple SUV.”