Lynk & Co Z10 Officially Released: Should You Choose It Over the Xiaomi SU7?


Lynk & Co‘s first battery-powered electric vehicle has been officially unveiled in Gothenburg, Sweden. This marks the global debut of a new electric product, which will be called the Lynk & Co Z10, rather than the ZERO as it was previously known.

Positioning and Dimensions

The Lynk & Co Z10 is positioned as a mid-to-large sized vehicle, with dimensions of 5028mm x 1966mm x 1468mm (length x width x height) and a wheelbase of 3005mm. For those who don’t have a concept of numbers, you can refer to the Audi A6L, which is a common sight on the road and has roughly the same dimensions. Other new energy vehicles in the same class include the Zeekr 001 (same platform), Xiaomi SU7, and NIO ET5. The Z10 also offers 19-inch and 21-inch wheel options.


The design is largely similar to the The Next Day concept car, and the overall style is similar to the Lynk & Co 07, representing Lynk & Co’s new family design direction with a strong mecha-style aesthetic. The front and rear light strips have a total length of 3.4 meters, and such long light strips are expected to have some interactive lighting effects or light language functions. The car adopts frameless doors, and the spoiler can be actively adjusted according to the speed. The official drag coefficient of the vehicle is 0.198Cd. The new car will also be available in two exclusive color schemes.


The interior is dominated by a large multimedia screen, measuring 15.4 inches, and is paired with a narrow LCD instrument panel and HUD. According to the official announcement, the interior meets Nordic standards for zero pollution.

The interior is extensively upholstered in leather and suede, and the rear seats are ventilated, heated, and massaging, which are not uncommon features in this class. In terms of audio, the car is equipped with a Harman Kardon sound system and WANOS panoramic sound technology, achieving 7.1.4 channels, 23 speakers, and a 1600W amplifier.

Performance and Technology

The new car is built on an 800V architecture, with a 0-100km/h acceleration time of 3.5 seconds and a 15-minute charge that can add 573km of range, with a total range of over 800km. It is also equipped with a double-chamber air suspension and CEC damping system. In terms of intelligent driving, it is equipped with NVIDIA’s Orin-X chip with lidar, which can realize high-speed NOA and city NOA without maps.


There is no doubt that Lynk & Co is still adhering to its philosophy of creating high-quality products. The Lynk & Co Z10 has its own unique style in the mid-to-large sized car market, with an angular design that also takes full account of the comfort and ride experience of rear passengers. Lynk & Co’s consistently strong brand reputation has also laid a good market foundation for this first pure electric new car. So how should you choose between the Xiaomi SU7, NIO ET7, or even the heavily discounted Mercedes EQE?

Ultimately, the decision of which car to choose depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider factors such as price, performance, range, features, and brand reputation when making your decision.