Geely’s New EV GE13 To Named Geometry C, Or the First Unmanned Pure Electric SUV


On February 14, Geometry Automobile (Geely’s EV brand) officially announced that its first SUV model, the GE13, was named Geometry C (Chinese “几何C” Jihe C), which continues the name of its pure electric sedan, Geometry A. According to the official introduction, the new car features Geely’s latest intelligent networking technology and will become the world’s first mass-produced unmanned pure electric SUV.

Judging from the black studio pictures exposed during the same period, the overall line of Geometry C is smooth and dynamic, and it features the popular floating roof design to highlight the trend of sports. It can also be seen from the details of the side of the body that the new car or feature hidden door handle design with the same color of the body which can effectively reduce wind resistance and increase cruising range. In addition, the striking bar-style LED lights at the rear of the car are full of science and technology, while increasing the sense of fashion, it can also improve the recognition in driving at night.

According to the official introduction, Geometry C is based on Geely’s pure electric exclusive GE2.0 platform. It adopts ITCS3.0 battery intelligent temperature control system, heat pump air conditioning system, and lightweight vehicle body technology, which can increase range by about 20% in low temperature environments. In terms of intelligent network connection, Geometry C applies Geely’s latest technological achievements in the field of unmanned driving, and is equipped with Geely’s self-developed “Intelligent Tracking Unmanned Driving System”. In the future, it will be equipped with 5G, full road conditions, full scenes, and seamless high-speed autonomous driving technology. It can enable 100% autonomous parking in outdoor and indoor multiple scenes.

According to the previous declaration information, Geometry C has a length, width, height of 4,432 / 1833 / 1560mm, and a wheelbase of 2,700mm. In addition to the triangular windows we mentioned, the configurations of the luggage rack, blind zone camera, panoramic sunroof, rear wiper, etc. are all optional. For the power and battery, the new car will be equipped with a motor from Nidec, with a maximum power of 150kW; it will be equipped with a power battery from the CATL, but the battery pack capacity and cruising range are temporarily unknown.