Geely GE11 Officially Named “Jihe A”, Known as “the Best EV in Eastern Hemisphere”


Recenly, we learned from Geely Auto official that Geely’s new compact electric vehicle, GE11, was officially named “Jihe A”(Chinese say “几何” means “Geometry”) , it will be listed in Singapore on April 11.

Geely has previously released the car and announced its configuration information (See our previous report:Geely released GE11 Electric Car ). The smart driving of Geely Jihe A reaches L2 plus level. It uses two ternary lithium batteries with capacity of 61.9kWh and 51.9kWh. The cruising range reaches 310miles(500km) and 254miles(410km) under NEDC. Jihe A will offer 5 body colors: 0°C white, 11°C silver, 18°C gold, 26°C blue and 100°C red.

Update: Geely Jihe A (Geometry A) has been launched in Chinese market with price range 150,000 to 190,000 yuan (US$21,398 – US$27,105), powered by e-motre with max. power of 120kW (160hp) , range of 410km – 500km.

What is “Jihe A” indicated?

“Jihe A” is the result of Geely’s 78-day global name collecting. “Jihe A” is now confired as the official name of its brand new pure electric vehicle GE11. It is the name for one of the most elusive model. It is a name that Geely official has not yet explained…

Nowadays, it’s nothing new that Chinese car maker have its car name related to somthing like science or mathematics, such as OUSHAN cos1°(A subsidiary of CHANGAN Auto), YUDO π3 pro, ORA iQ from GWM, Although it is not better than Tesla or Opel Omega, it is impressive.

So is the meaning of Geely’s “Jihe A” related to the vehicle design? After repeatedly reviewing the official image and consulting the colleagues who actually experienced it, my conclusion is that there is no direct relationship.

I have previously asked Guy, the general manager/design vice president of Geely Design Center in China (Bai Gaoqi, also the designer of Jihe A): “What is the most dispute between the design team and the engineering team?”
Guy replied: “Generally speaking, as a designer, we always want a perfect design. Maybe this design is not feasible in engineering or it is too costly that we can’t do it, but we won’t call it as “compromise”, we think it is more likely “balance”, the “balance” between our factors and principles.” “Balance” is the word he mentioned the most, even taking his weight as an example. This time, the balance is also reflected in this brand new electric vehicle “Jihe A”.

To give a few simple examples, Jihe A did not take the radical and somewhat fascinating design, but balanced to cater to the design of mainstream pure electric vehicles. Closed grille, narrow light set, concealed door handle, wheel… These details are designed to reduce wind resistance and save energy.

The interior concept is similar to the BMW i3, the instrument panel, steering wheel, central control panel and fabric seat are the best examples.
Of course, the new car is also trying to improve the high-end feeling, the 1.6-meter ambience light strip, the double-layer suspended central panel, and the wireless charging function are not only beautiful but also help to improve the convenience.

The font button above the air conditioner is a little bit small, the start button appears in a rare position. These futures may cause inconvenience, However, there is no actual experience on Geely Jihe A, it will not be evaluated this time. More practical experience content will be available soon.