Geely’s High-End EV Brand, GEOMETRY Auto, Released New Brand GEO.LAND


On August 21, Geely Automobile Holdings Co., Ltd. (“Geely Auto”) released its semi-annual financial report for 2019. Two of them deserve special attention: one is Geely’s new energy vehicle, which sold a total of 57,600 units in the first half of this year, a year-on-year increase. 301%; the other is Geely’s average terminal retail price increased from 77,000 yuan to 123,000 yuan. In the first half of this year, Geely Auto’s sales of vehicles with a price of 80,000 yuan and above accounted for 71.3% of sales., which was nearly 60% higher than the 14.2% in 2013.

It can be seen that after several years of layout, Geely’s products have made breakthroughs in the two roads of new energy and high-end.

In April of this year, Geely launched its high-end electric vehicle brand, GEOMETRY, in Singapore, and listed its first global strategic vehicle Geometry A (Jihe A). The geometric brand has also become the best combination of the two strategic directions of Geely’s electric and high-end.

On August 22nd, Geely’s high-end brand Geometry Auto released a new life culture brand, GEO.LAND. The official announced the meaning of GEO.LAND “through the creation of the same name with the user, the cultural alliance between the geometry brand and the user, the all-open friend alliance, and the full coverage of the service alliance can be realized, thus achieving the cultural, emotional and spiritual realization between the geometry and the user. The community’s brand vision fits.”

According to Zheng Zhuang, general manager of Geely New Energy Sales Co., Geometry Auto will support the Geometry brand from online and offline. With the new channel mode of 1+4+N, users can enjoy the services brought by Geometry quickly and conveniently through the Geometry space, Geometry E station, Geometry e station, Geometry user center, brand experience store and other channels. At present, the Geometry brand has 8 Geometry spaces, and it is planned to build 300 4S stores + 300 brand experience centers by 2020.

Before, when Geely New Energy listed a new model, Zheng Zhuang once said: “We only do fine products.” I believe that the advent of GEO.LAND will also be another dimension of Geely’s creation for users.