Geely GX2 Review|Geely Panda Crossover|Gleagle Family


Another member of Gleagle Family

Geely GX2 is another family member of Geely’s sub-brand Gleagle after the 1st model Geely Panda (LC), the word “G” means Gleagle, “X” means this is a road vehicle, “2” means this model is A00 level.

Although Gleagle GX2 is not an brand new model, it is just an crossover style vehicle from Geely Panda. it has very rich configuration, and it equips with Geely’s new engine, the interior design is also fresh and cute all many “circle” elements.  Let’s just have look at it!

Geely GX2 Review|Appearance

Gleagle GX2 Review|Interior & Configuration

Geely GX2 Review|Power & Safty
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