Geely GX2 Review|Appearance


Geely GX2 Review

Gleagle GX2 is smart and cute, its appearance is very unique due to the personalized design. The body size is a little bit larger than Geely Panda, and it seems manful to Geely Panda, we may still see the “Panda” design in its head face, in one word, it is very cool with cross style! So nobody will mix up with other vehicle.

Geely GX2 Review
Body size of GX2: 3815*1648/1530, wheel base 2340mm
Tyre specifications: 175 65/R14 (Brand:Goodride)

The spare tyre size is 175 65/R14

Geely Gleagle GX2 Crossover Style

Generally, we may only find the backpack tyre from some of the SUV models, but we are suprised to see that it’s also equipped on such an A00 vehicle!
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