Run up to 310miles, Geely released GE11 Electric Car


Run up to 310miles, Geely released GE11 Electric Car

Recently, Geely Auto announced the specifications of GE11, a pure electric sedan model. According to the published information, Geely GE11 offers two options: 310miles(500km) range and 254miles (410km) under NEDC, which carry 61.9 kWh and 51.9 kWh CATL battery cells. It is understood that the new car will be listed in the second quarter of this year in China.

Run up to 310miles, Geely released GE11 Electric Car

■ Driving Safety

  1. Level 2 intelligent driving system or above;
  2. The rear side millimeter wave radar is equipped to realize the functions of rear collision warning, door opening warning, lane keeping, blind spot detection and lane change assist.
  3. Equipped with intelligent pre-tensioned seat belts, lane departure warning system, automatic emergency braking system, and ESP system start, the seat belt will also vibrate to remind the driver.

■ Intelligent security

  1. Equipped with a 12.3-inch capacitive screen, integrated smart car system, original driving recorder and so on.
  2. Equipped with an 8-inch projection head-up display system that integrates a variety of driving assistance information to project speed, navigation, indicator lights, Bluetooth phones, etc. onto the front windshield. This feature also has a “snow mode” to ensure the display of the road conditions in snow.
  3. The glove box can be set with an electronic password; when the Bluetooth phone is connected, the caller number displayed on the head-up display projection is only visible to the main driver’s seat.
  4. Equipped with “ Valet mode”, it can limit the use of Bluetooth phones and electronic glove boxes when opened, and can also set the maximum speed of the vehicle.

Power, range & Price

  1. It offers two options: high endurance model and standard version. The traveling range is 310miles(500km) range and 254miles (410 km);
  2. Equipped with battery intelligent temperature control management system, it can be charged normally in the temperature range of minus 30°C to 50°C. The standard version can be 30%-80% charged in 0.5 hours, and 30%-80% in high endurance models in 0.55 hours.
  3. Price will be at USD29700 (200000RMB)

We share you a video to take a look how Geely new model GE11 it looks like:

[youtube youtubeurl=”tHSl1U8sXH4″ ][/youtube]