GAC’s Flagship Sedan, The Trumpchi GA8, Will Receive a Facelift Soon


Recently, we obtained a set of spy photos of the GAC Trumpchi GA8 facelift model from the relevant channels, the new car adopts a new family-style design, the appearance and interior have obvious changes.

The test car exposed this time still covered a rigorous camouflage, but we can still see that the front end of the new car has changed a lot, using more straight body lines, the slender headlights are connected to the front grille, the interior of the grille is also decorated with chrome rails to enhance lateral visual tension and texture. The new Trumpchi GA8 front bumper style is also sportier and stylish than the current model. The side shape of the new car is the same as that of the current model, the taillight group is still the same as the current model, but the rear bumper may be changed.

The new Trumpchi GA8 interior adopts the latest family style, the floating infotainment display on current model has been cancelled, the new three-spoke multi-function steering wheel is replaced. There is no relevant information in the powertrain, the current model is used as a reference: It is powered by 1.8T and 2.0T turbocharged engines, matching 6AT transmission.

This is the 2017 GAC Trumpchi GA8 selling in Chinese market:

The current Trumpchi GA8 is 2017 model year, slotting in above the Trumpchi GA6, it is positioned in a mid-to-large sedan with length, width and height of 5003mm/1910mm/1508mm and wheelbase of 2907mm.