Xpeng Motors and NIO Power Reach Charging Cooperation


On December 11, Xpeng Motors officially announced that it has reached a charging cooperation with NIO Power, NIO Supercharger will officially access Xiaopeng Automobile App. Since then, Xiaopeng owners can use APP of Xpeng Motors to scan the code to start charging on NIO Power super-charge pile.

According to Xpeng Motors, the cooperation between the two parties covers the entire process of inquiry-use-payment. Specifically, NIO Supercharger Station will be marked with a blue icon on the Xpeng Motors App for operating hours, charging costs, and charging pile occupancy status, car owners of Xpeng Motors can scan the QR code on NIO charging pile to start charging, users can complete the settlement directly through Xpeng Motors App account balance.

EV from Xpeng Motors is charging at NIP Power station

Xpeng Motors has been deploying charging services in various ways. In terms of self-employment, Xpeng Motors has deployed self-operated charging networks in many first- and second-tier cities across China. Xpeng Motors has stated that it will build 200 supercharging stations in 30 cities by the end of 2019. Xpeng Motors announced that it has made a special call with the charging operator to achieve nationwide charging and payment data interconnection. The supercharging station co-constructed by the two parties has also officially entered into operation in Qingdao. The cooperation with NIO this time is also the performance of Xpeng Motors to introduce more partners in order to further improve user charging efficiency.

And NIO also hopes to open the charging business to more partners. In July of this year, the news about “NIO split its energy supply service NIO Power” came out, and also mentioned that NIO hopes to promote independent financing of charging business. At the time, NIO co-founder and president Qin Lihong responded, “NIO’s energy business has objectively covered the nation’s ability to serve the entire industry. There are also interested institutions talking about various possibilities, in fact, our service is open to other third-party brands. It was announced at the Shanghai Auto Show in April this year, and it may have caused many inferences. But he also mentioned at the time that the charging business had no specific split listing arrangements. At present, NIO may think that it is more feasible to promote NIO Power’s external cooperation at the business level at this stage.