Xpeng P7 to Beat Tesla Model 3 by the Long NEDC Range of 640km in China Market


After Tesla announced Model 3 standard version upgraded the range and opened for booking, the pre-sale price is 328,000 yuan (~US$47,435) in China market, Xpeng Motors’ founder He Xiaopeng then publicly stated on social media Weibo that Model 3 NEDC range is estimated at 285miles(460km), while the Xpeng P7‘s NEDC range will reach 397miles(640km), suggesting that Xpeng P7 will crush Model 3 China Spec.

Tesla Model 3

From the Weibo published by Xpeng Motors’ founder He Xiaopeng, he said: “Model 3 NEDC cruising range is 460km, Xpeng P7 will strive to reach 640km.” Alluding to Model 3 is not competitive Xpeng P7 in China market. Xpeng P7 will beat Model 3 in China market.

However, we can see from the poster that the NEDC range of Xpeng P7 is 385miles(620km+), which is not labeled as 397miles( 640km).

Anyway, Xpeng P7 is not yet launched for booking or any price info, it is expected to be delivered at 2020. How is the strength of Xpeng P7, and whether if it can beat Model 3 as he wish, we will continue to pay attention.