NIO to establish battery asset company for battery swapping stations


Recently, NIO broke heavy news. NIO plans to establish a battery asset management company with the purpose of promoting the separation of automobile and battery business and vigorously promoting BaaS battery service (Battery as a Service).

A source said that the battery asset management company will receive investment from an energy fund, and it will be established in August as soon as possible and is still seeking more financing. There is also news that CATL has made clear its investment intentions. Currently, NIO and CATL have not disclosed more information.

It is reported that NIO’s battery asset company plan has been in preparation for several months, with the purpose of separating the sale of cars and batteries to achieve separation of ownership. Currently, NIO users can get a variety of charging solutions, including home charging piles, 3-minute superfast battery swaps, mobile charging vehicles, and public supercharging piles. Among them, the battery swap service is different from other new energy vehicle companies, and it is likely to become the next explosive point in the electric vehicle market. NIO has built 139 battery swapping stations, and the construction speed will reach one new swapping station a week.

Just past July 23, Xin Guobin, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT), stated at a press conference on the development of the industrial communications industry in the first half of the year that China MIIT will continue to vigorously promote the construction of charging and replacement infrastructure in the next step with relevant departments. The battery swap mode realizes the separation of cars and electricity, which can greatly reduce the cost of consumers in buying cars and increase the convenience for consumers to travel. At the same time, the battery operation company centrally monitors, maintains and manages the battery, which is conducive to extending the life of the power battery and improving the battery security.