NIO: The Hefei base is gradually resuming production, and subsequent production depends on the supply chain situation


After suspending production for 5 days, NIO is gradually resuming production.

On April 14, NIO Automobile responded to media on the recent production situation, saying, “Affected by the supply chain, NIO’s vehicle production was suspended last Saturday. At present, the supply chain has recovered slightly, and the Hefei production base is gradually resuming production.”

However, NIO also said that the follow-up production plan also depends on the recovery of the supply chain.

On April 9, NIO Automobile issued an announcement saying, “Since March, due to the epidemic, the company’s supply chain partners in Jilin, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places have successively stopped production and have not yet resumed. Affected by this, NIO’s vehicle production has been suspended. Due to the above reasons, the delivery of many clients’ vehicles will be delayed in the near future, please understand. “


In addition to the impact on production and delivery, the production stoppage may also have a certain impact on NIO’s new car plan. It is reported that NIO originally expected to gradually increase the delivery of the flagship sedan ET7 in the coming second and third quarters, and will release the 2022 ES8, ES6, EC6 in late May, as well as the big 5-seater SUV ES7 benchmarking BMW X5L.

According to the delivery information released by NIO on April 1, NIO delivered a total of 9,985 vehicles in March, a year-on-year increase of 37.6%; the cumulative delivery in the first quarter was 25,800 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 28.5%; the historical cumulative delivery volume was 192,800 vehicle.