NIO halts vehicle production due to the impact of epidemic


The NIO app released a news that says that due to the impact of the epidemic, NIO’s supply chains in many places have suspended production. Many of its suppliers are forced to halt the manufacturing due to the new outbreak in China. There is no update regarding the restarting of supplies from its suppliers. Due to this, NIO’s vehicle production has been suspended.

NIO’s Shanghai-based official spokesperson said the following things in the news article on the NIO App. “Since March, due to the epidemic, the company’s supply chain partners in Jilin, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and other places have suspended their production and have not yet resumed. Both Jilin and Shanghai are currently under lockdown because they are battling the dangerous variant of Omicron. Affected by this, NIO’s vehicle production has been suspended.” The same message has now been pinned to the top of the NIO App homepage.

Affected by the shutdown of the production of the vehicle, the delivery of many users’ cars will be delayed in the near future. NIO will work with its supply chain partners to resume production and complete vehicle delivery as soon as possible to meet the requirements of its customers. Other brands like Tesla and SAIC Motors have also halted their production due to the situation in Shanghai.