NIO spent 3.158 billion yuan to obtain independent qualifications


On December 5th, JAC Motors announced in the evening that the company received a “Notice of Bidding Results” provided by Anhui Provincial Property Rights Trading Center Co., Ltd. NIO Automobile became the transferee of Asset One and Asset Three Package, with a transaction price of 1666.3861 million yuan for Asset One Package and 1492.0656 million yuan for Asset Three Package, totaling 3158.4517 million yuan. NIO Automobile has obtained independent production qualifications, which can be said to be further progress.

Event Review: On December 4th, we learned from the official website of the Vehicle Production Enterprise Credit Information Management System on the Government Service Platform of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that NIO Automotive Technology (Anhui) Co., Ltd. has obtained independent production qualifications, with its production address at 299 Baita Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hefei City, Anhui Province, and its legal representative being Qin Lihong.

As of the time of publication, the official information of NIO Automobile has not been released yet, and it is expected to be released this afternoon. It is worth mentioning that currently, both Lixiang Auto and Xpeng Motor have independent production qualifications among the new forces of car manufacturing, which means they no longer need to rely on other OEMs. However, NIO is an exception, still manufactured by JAC, and sold cars need to be labeled with the “JAC” logo.

However, at the end of October this year, JAC announced that the company plans to transfer some assets through public listing. The proposed listing price for inventory, fixed assets, ongoing construction, building and land use rights of the three factories of the passenger car company, as well as the structures and equipment assets of the Xinqiao factory of the passenger car company, is 4.498 billion yuan, with a value-added amount of 286 million yuan and a value-added rate of 6.79%. According to insiders, the two factories involved in the asset transfer of JAC are actually the two factories that JAC and NIO cooperate with, namely NIO F1 factory and NIO F2 factory.