NIO obtained the qualification for independent car manufacturing


On December 4th, according to the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, NIO appeared in the “Vehicle Production Enterprise Credit Information Management System”, indicating that NIO has obtained independent production qualifications.

It is not surprising that NIO has obtained independent production qualifications. In October this year, JAC Motors announced that it plans to transfer some assets through public listing, involving three asset packages including inventory from three factories of passenger car companies, with a proposed listing price of nearly 4.5 billion yuan.

After confirmation, the two factories involved are actually JAC-NIO Advanced Manufacturing Base and JAC-NIO Second Advanced Manufacturing Base, namely NIO F1 Factory and F2 Factory, which are jointly established by JAC and NIO. At that time, there were rumors that NIO might acquire the above-mentioned JAC’s assets and further seek independent production qualifications.

Now, with the confirmation , NIO has finally become the last maker among the earliest new forces to obtain the qualification for car manufacturing.