NIO Day: ET5 Debuted with Price Started 25800 to Compete with Tesla & Xpeng, Libin announced to enter 25 countries


On December 18, NIO Automobile released the mid-size electric coupe ET5 on the “2021 NIO Day”. The model has a starting price of 328,000 yuan (~US$51,463) before the subsidy, and the starting price of the BaaS battery rental program has dropped to 258,000 yuan (US$40,480) before the subsidy. It is expected to start delivery in September 2022. This is the fifth model in NIO family.

At present, there are many popular new models such as Tesla Model 3, Xpeng P7, Zeekr 001, etc., in the price range of 200,000-300,000 yuan, the competition is bound to become more intense in the future.

NIO founder Li Bin introduced that ET5 will also be equipped with AR/VR technology. NIO and NREAL, an AR equipment company, have jointly developed exclusive AR glasses that can project a viewing distance of 6 meters; NIO has also developed NIO VR glasses in cooperation with NOLO, a VR technology company invested by NIO Capital, which is the world’s first high-performance automotive-specific glasses. VR equipment.

According to reports, NIO’s latest autonomous driving technology, NAD (NIO Autonomous Driving), will also be carried on the NIO ET5 model. The complete function of NAD adopts the service subscription model of ” pay monthly”, namely ADaaS (AD as a Service), the service fee is 680 yuan per month, and the service will be gradually provided after the development verification is completed.

At the same time, Li Bin also introduced that the large smart electric flagship sedan ET7 released earlier this year will be delivered on March 28, 2022. Li Bin said that some of the chips and sensors on the ET7 are the first models in the world. Therefore, it will also affect the mass production and delivery of the ET7 to a certain extent. At present, its mass production is progressing smoothly.

Prior to this, the production line of JAC-NIO Hefei Advanced Manufacturing Base was transformed and upgraded, and the suspension of the production line resulted in only 3667 deliveries in October. Qin Lihong, co-founder of NIO, once said that one of the purposes of this production line transformation is to ensure that ET7 goes online on time.

In terms of the energy supplement system, Li Bin revealed that next year, the NIO charging and swapping network will build more than 1,300 power swap stations, more than 6,000 supercharged piles and more than 10,000 destination charging piles in the Chinese market next year.

It is reported that NIO currently has 733 power swap stations, 3348 destination charging piles and 3136 supercharged piles.

“We have provided users with more than 5.5 million battery exchange services, with an average of 20,000 battery exchange services per day.” Li Bin said that making power up more convenient than refueling is NIO’s long-term goal.

NIO to Engter to more than 25 countries by 2025

During the event, Li Bin also stated that 2021 is the first year of NIO’s globalization. After entering the Norwegian market, NIO’s models and full system services will officially land in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Denmark in 2022; in 2025, it will enter more than 25 countries and regions.