Achieve the annual target, the number of NIO power swapping stations reaches 700


On December 10, we learned from NIO official that with the official launch of the G30 Lianhuo Expressway East China Sea Service Area swap station, NIO Automobile reached 700 power swapping stations, completing the 2021 target ahead of schedule.

According to official information, the 700 power stations include 203 first-generation power stations and 497 second-generation power stations. Among them, the first 2nd-gen power station was launched on April 15 2021. The current average daily service is more than 20,000 replacements, and the daily service capacity can provide up to more than 176,000 replacements. The proportion rate of NIO vehicles and station is reduced from the previous 606 to 204.

Check our youtube video about NIO battery swapping:

Nowadays, NIO power swapping stations cover 31 provincial administrative regions and 171 prefecture-level cities. In 2021, power stations have been added in 97 new cities. From NIO’s statistics, it can be seen that the users with the most battery swaps have changed more than 900 times. The users who have clocked in to swap stations have been to 113 swap stations. More than 56 users have mentioned they have only swapped battery but not charging since they bought their vehicles.