NIO BaaS business will be released on August 20: buy a car and rent a battery


It is learned from NIO that the NIO battery rental solution (BaaS) will be officially released on August 20. In addition, the newly established battery asset management company, which is the main body of BaaS operation, may appear at the same time.

In the second quarter of this year’s financial report meeting, NIO announced that Battery as a Service (BaaS) has made significant progress in the innovative business model of separation of vehicle and battery. It has now completed all the product announcements and certifications required for the separate sales of vehicles and batteries. The first car sold without a battery, including loans, insurance, and licensing procedures, has been completed.

The difference between BaaS and buying a whole car is that users can also buy a car with installments in the BaaS mode, for example, an NIO ES6 with a price of RMB 358,000 (battery price: RMB 100,000 + vehicle without battery RMB 258,000), RMB 258,000 can also be paid in installments in the BaaS model, while buyers have to pay one-off payment before the BaaS mode, which greatly reduces the threshold for buying a car.

In the fourth quarter of 2019 quarterly report conference call, Li Bin emphasized for the first time that he will focus on Battery as a Service (BaaS) in 2020, and decided to invest about RMB 100 million to supplement this demand. “Using our batteries service, and the deployment of our nationwide battery swapping stations, this is a very important advantage of our system. Because NIO is the only player in battery swapping system, users can quickly replace batteries, and flexibly upgrade battery packs of different capacities according to their needs.” At the first-quarter earnings meeting, Li Bin once again stated that “NIO’s rechargeable, replaceable, upgradeable, and car-electric separation (BaaS)’S battery service business model has made significant progress. Next, NIO will gradually realize the complete separation of vehicles and batteries in the third quarter in accordance with the requirements of the national new policy.

We learned that the new car announcement of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in June showed that NIO has successfully declared two EVs in BaaS mode.