NIO announces completion of US $ 235 million convertible bond financing


Just after signing a 10-billion (yuan) framework agreement with Hefei, NIO announced another new financing. On the evening of March 5, NIO officially announced the completion of a $ 235 million convertible bond financing project. It is reported that the investors of this time are several Asian investment funds, all of which are “non-related parties”, that is, pure financial investors.

Although it has just entered March, this is already the third convertible bond financing obtained by NIO since 2020. As of now, NIO has announced a total of $ 435 million in convertible bond financing this year.


Not only that, on February 25, NIO Automobile and Hefei City signed a cooperation framework agreement, announced that NIO China headquarters project will be settled in Hefei and officially launched the smart electric coupe SUV EC6 mass production project. The Hefei government will invest in the NIO China headquarters project through designated investment companies and joint market-oriented investors. The total investment is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan.

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It can be seen that NIO has accelerated its financing in recent times. Previously, NIO repeatedly emphasized that “the company currently has several other financing projects underway.” At present, there have been many achievements. In addition, sources from NIO have revealed that major overseas investors gathered in the United States, Asia, Europe and other places are also communicating with NIO.

Regarding the recent series of financing actions, NIO responded that the company’s recent progress in financing has been directly related to the continuous increase in sales and increased user reputation since the second half of last year.