Why did Lixiang ONE succeed so easily in the brand-first Chinese market?


It can be said that the Lixiang Auto can be regarded as the absolute dark horse among Chinese EV startups.

In terms of the number of deliveries in November 2020, Lixiang ONE once again set a new monthly high of 4646 vehicles. The cumulative delivery from January to November in 2020 also reached 26,498 vehicles.

Throughout the year, its monthly sales curve is also going up, and the momentum is booming. From aspect of delivery data, NIO ES6, ES8, Tesla Model X, Xpeng G3, etc. are far less than Lixiang ONE.

We look back on the ups and downs of NIO for so many years. With the support of strong funds, the brand was founded tremblingly and almost on the verge of bankruptcy. If it weren’t for Hefei government’s rescue, NIO would have been in danger.

So, for the same EV startup, why does Lixiang Auto seem to go so much smoother?

This is all due to the positioning of Lixiang ONE. The three advantages directly hit the pain points of consumers and fully meet consumers’ expectations.

First of all, it is “big”.

Chinese like big cars, the word “big” is particularly concerned by Chinese consumers, international brands such as Audi and Mercedes-Benz all provide wheelbase-extended versions of Q5L and GLC, they are “China-only” models. Lixiang ONE has done well in both senses:

First, in terms of body size, it is over 5 meters and the wheelbase is nearly 3 meters, even entry model is offered in 6 seats, such a room performance is very popular, especially for second-child families.

Secondly, from the design point of view, the light strips and simple shapes that run through the front and back all present the Lixiang ONE with a sense of atmosphere, Chinese like vehicles with beautiful appearance and huge size. In this regard, for Chinese consumers, It’s really good.

Secondly, cost-effective.

As a mid-to-large SUV, the starting price of 328,000 yuan has been accepted.

As an extended-range EV, it is particularly valuable after subsidy, especially in a city like Shanghai, the license plate for an EV can be worth a 100,000 yuan.

Although this big guy has a maximum power of 240kW and a peak torque of 530N.m, the 0-100km acceleration is measured in 6.36 seconds, it also has excellent fuel economy performance, which is another point that Chinese consumers concerns.

Finally, the high trim level.

If you see the configuration table of Lixiang ONE, you will find that the table is full of all kinds of features.

All-round airbags, tire pressure display, Blind Spot Detection, lane departure warning, lane keeping assist, traffic sign recognition, active braking system, 360 holographic imaging, full-speed ACC adaptive cruise, four driving mode switching, active air intake grille, Automatic parking, suspension adjustment, etc. are the configuration of this luxury car.

This is worth more than 300,000 yuan.

With the above three advantages, Lixiang ONE has been accepted by consumers when hit the market.

In this respect, Lixiang can be said to be easier to succeed than NIO, which of course is inseparable from their in-depth understanding of consumer needs.

It’s no wonder why some consumers choose Lixiang One but not Tesla Model 3 for the same cost of 300,000 yuan, Lixiang One is really a ideal choice