Lixiang’s Beijing plant to put into production by 2023


Back on October 16, Lixiang Auto officially started the construction of its Beijing Green Smart Factory located in the Shunyi District of Beijing. The brand will use the new factory to produce pure electric vehicles in the future. There are reports that the plant is scheduled to be put into operation by the end of 2023. The brand will achieve an annual production capacity of 100,000 pure electric vehicles in the new plant in the first phase.

Lixiang Auto’s Beijing Green Smart Factory will maximize the use of existing plants on the plant area for transformation (formerly Hyundai’s No. 1 Factory in Beijing) with a use rate of up to 60%. It is reported that the brand has invested more than 6 billion yuan for the entire project. In addition, Lixiang Auto will also build an industrial innovation center and a super charging station. The brand will use it to showcase the latest models. And product technologies of Lixiang Auto to the public. The brand also aims to provide its customers with ultra-fast charging services.

According to the officials, Lixiang Auto’s Beijing green smart factory will adopt the latest domestic environmentally friendly and efficient production technology. The stamping workshop adopts a technologically advanced high-speed steel-aluminium hybrid full-automatic stamping line. By establishing a single-piece identification system, the brand can trace the quality of the entire manufacturing cycle of stamping parts. The number of robots in the welding workshop is more than 600. It can also realize the co-line of 4 models of Flexible production.

Lixiang’s new model X01
Lixiang’s new model X01

More about the plant!

The connection automation rate has reached 100%, and the coating workshop adopts the industry’s most environmentally friendly film pretreatment + B1B2 intermediate coating-free process. The emission level also meets the international and industry high standards. Further, the final assembly workshop adopts the whole workshop electric tightening technology. The essential torque quality is 100% traceable. The brand will also make use of the intelligent logistics system, unmanned electric inspection and automatic driving and warehousing technology of offline vehicles to create a highly automated, smart, flexible production line.

According to previous news from the Shunyi District Government, the plant will carry out various functions. It includes research and development of key technologies such as complete vehicles, core parts and autonomous driving. It will also support more than 2,000 scientific and technological talents. These include autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, big data, and the industrial Internet. As said above, the project is planned to be put into operation in 2023. The industrial output value in 2024 will reach 30 billion yuan.

In terms of products, Lixiang Auto has previously released relevant information. Lixiang Auto is focusing on the research and development of pure electric vehicles. That is high-voltage pure electric vehicles with support for super-fast charging capabilities. The brand also hopes to make charging faster, cheaper and more accessible under the high-power charging network. According to the plan, Lixiang Auto is developing two high-voltage pure electric vehicle platforms Whale and Shark. They also plan to launch at least two high-voltage pure electric vehicles every year starting from 2023.