Climbing to a new peak, LIXIANG AUTO delivered 6,126 in December


Lixiang Auto (Leading Ideal) announced that the delivery volume of LIXIANG ONE in December 2020 was 6,126, which was a 31.9% increase from the previous month’s 4646, and it achieved a month-on-month increase for 6 consecutive months. As of December 2020, LIXIANG ONE has delivered a total of 32,624 vehicles.

It can be seen from the delivery volume chart that since July, the sales of LIXIANG ONE have steadily climbed, and achieved substantial growth in December, with an increase of 31.9%, which once again refreshed the record of the best monthly sales of LIXIANG ONE since its delivery. The previous November sales have hit a record high since the delivery, which is directly related to the acceleration of the expansion of the scale of the ideal car retail center.

In terms of sales channel expansion, as of December 31, 2020, LIXANG Auto has 52 retail centers across the country, covering 41 cities; 114 after-sales repair centers and authorized sheet spray centers, covering 83 cities. For more information about LIXIANG AUTO, please stay tuned.