CHJ Automotive Announced Price 328,000 yuan of Its First Extended Range Electric SUV – Leading Ideal ONE, Range Reaches 497miles


Recently, CHJ Automotive officially announced the delivery time of its first extended range smart electric SUV – Leading Ideal ONE (Chinese say “理想智造One”, Lixiang Zhizao ONE) . The new car will begin production from August – September this year and will begin delivery in the fourth quarter of 2019.

As an important member in the new force of Chinese EV manufacturing, CHJ Automotive released its first product ideal ONE in October last year, and announced the official price of 328,000 yuan (~US$47,702) on the eve of 2019 Shanghai Auto Show.

Leading Ideal ONE is a Highly eye-catching new vehicle in the Chinese car industry, and the popularity of the Shanghai Auto Show also confirms this point. The Leading Ideal ONE has a body size of 5020mm × 1960mm × 1760mm, a wheelbase of 2935mm, and it offers 6 or 7-seats layout.

The biggest difference between Leading Ideal ONE and other electric SUVs on the market is that the Leading Ideal ONE is an extended range electric. In addition to charging with a charging post, it is also equipped with a 1.2T turbocharged engine as a range extender to charge the battery pack with a tank volume of 45L, which solves the crunching mileage anxiety of long-distance travel on the pure electric vehicles. Leading Ideal ONE is equipped with front and rear 40.5kWh dual battery pack. The maximum output power is 240kW, the maximum torque is 530Nm, the acceleration of 0-100kmh is only 6.5s, and the NEDC’s comprehensive cruising range can reach 497miles(800km).

Of course, the strength of Leading Ideal ONE is not only reflected in the cruising range and dynamic performance. In the interior and technical configuration, Leading Ideal ONE also fully considers the needs and preferences of Chinese consumers – four high-definition LCD screens throughout the T-type center console for voice-intelligent interaction and multi-touch. The front seats are equipped with standard heating and ventilation seats, and the second row of independent seats are equipped with power and heating seats as standard, and the automatic driving assistance system is standard configuration.

Leading Ideal ONE can be described as “a new energy SUV designed for the Chinese market”. Considering its price of 328,000 yuan and the form of the extended program electric, it is strictly no direct competitor at this segment. On the other hand, if you refine the keywords such as “China vehicle brand”, “pure electric”, “smart” and “third row”, it is easy to think of NIO ES8. However, from the perspective of pricing and configuration, the price/performance ratio of Leading Ideal ONE is higher than NIO ES8. Of course, CHJ Automobile is still in its infancy, the market performance of Leading Ideal ONE still needs to see the feedback from consumers after delivery.

Let’s have a look at the real Li One from this video:

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About LEADING IDEAL and CHJ Automobile

The brand “LEADING IDEAL” is the smart electric car brand released by CHJ Automobile, which is another Chinese new generation electric car maker. CHJ Automobile was officially established in July 2015, it is committed to creating a new intelligent electric vehicle to change the traditional travel experience for user. The company was founded by Li Xiang.

In October 2018, CHJ Automobile launched the intelligent electric vehicle brand “LEADING IDEAL” and its first product “LEADING IDEAL ONE”
At the end of 2018, CHJ Automobile acquired 100% stake in Chongqing Lifan Auto for RMB 650 million, which means CHJ Automobile has gotten the qualification to produce pure electric vehicles.

The brand “LEADING IDEAL” originates from the consideration of user needs and the investment in technology research and development. As a pure intelligent electric vehicle brand, LEADING IDEAL will create intelligent electric vehicles without mileage anxiety for users. The brand LOGO “LI” is inspired by the English alphabet “LEADING IDEAL”.

Core Team Member

The CHJ Automobile is the third venture of Li Xiang. he had founded website “” and “” before, “” is now the world’s most visited car website, it was successfully listed on New York Stock Exchange in 2013.

Shen Yanan, co-founder and president of CHJ Automobile, has served as vice president of Lenovo Group and chairman of Motorola (China). He has extensive experience in global supply chain management and overseas market development, responsible for manufacturing, global supply chain and overseas market and other business in CHJ Automobile.

Ma Donghui, co-founder and chief engineer of CHJ Automobile, has 20 years of experience in automotive R&D. He worked in Jian Shi Auto Design, IAT AUTOMOBILE TECHNOLOGY and Sany, responsible for the EIC system, design, engineering, trial production, and testing for CHJ Automobile.

Li Tie, the co-founder of CHJ Automobile, is the former vice president of finance in