Leapmotor’s First Coupe EV S01 Production Version Went Offline


On June 6th, Leapmotor’s first production model, Leapmotor S01, was officially launched, marking the delivery of S01 into the final preparation stage. At the beginning of this year, the official has announced that Leapmotor S01’s guide price range is 189,900-229,900 yuan (~US$27,463 – US$33,248) in China market. The price is 109,900-149,900 yuan (~US$15,893 – US$21,678) after subsidy (2018 policy), and a total of 4 different models are launched.

Leapmotor S01 is built on the three major complete vehicle platforms & EIC system, intelligent network connection system and automatic driving system that independently developed by Leapmotor itself. It is positioned as a two-door pure electric vehicle with dynamic fashion coupe styling.

As the first model of Leapmotor, S01 did not choose to build a super-performance super car, but chose a more cost-effective coupe. In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the Leapmotor S01 are 4,075/1760/1380 mm and the wheelbase is 2,500 mm. The Leapmotor S01 has the iconic face design of the pure electric vehicle. The undulating complex cover is very super-running. The whole body is more black piano lacquer material instead of chrome; the wider tail design is slightly inconsistent, subject to the battery placed on the chassis, it can not use ground-hugging design to create hella Flush style; it neither use larger size of the wheel and lower flat sports tire due to the limitation of cruising range.

The interior design uses a large number of red and black two-tone leather fabrics, as well as many black piano paint materials, embellishes with some chrome trims. The entire interior relies on twin screens to bring a lot of technology, but in the current new energy vehicle market, the function of this full LCD screen is relatively simple, it is in medium level.

The Leapmotor S01 is powered by its own permanent magnet synchronous motor with maximum power of 125kW (167hp) and peak torque of 250N·m. The official claim that the 0-100km/h acceleration time is only 6.9 seconds. For the power battery, S01 360 model and S01 460 model are equipped with ternary lithium batteries, which capacity is 35.6 kW·h and 48 kW·h respectively. Among them, the NEDC range of S01 360 model is 300 km, and the NEDC range of S01 460 model is 380 km. The Leapmotor Battery Technology Division has developed a new battery module structure for S01 to increase power capacity. In fast charge mode, it takes 60 minutes to charge from 30% to 80%.