Denza N8 Goes Live on the Chinese Market, BYD TANG’s Sibling Model?


On August 5, 2023, Denza N8, a BYD’s high-end sub-brand, officially launched two new models with a price range of 319800 to 326800 yuan. The new car is designed in a family style language. As a mid to large SUV, the new car offers two seat layouts of 6/7 seats. In addition, Denza will launch seven products within three years. In addition to the existing three models, there are also two SUVs – the N8 MAX and N9. The N8 MAX has a wheelbase of 3.05 meters and the N9 has a wheelbase of 3.1 meters. The two new cars are expected to be released by the end of 2024. According to previous news, Denza will also launch two sedans, namely a sedan similar to the Porsche Panamera model, which is expected to be released by mid-2024; And an administrative car with a positioning similar to the Mercedes Benz S-Class.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a highly recognizable family style design language, which has a certain similarity with Denza N7 overall. The fangs style light strip design is very eye-catching, with a horizontally arranged light source integrated inside. In addition, the new car also adopts a sporty design on both sides of the front bumper, giving the overall front face a strong attacking look (the pure EV version is equipped with a closed front grille).

Arriving at the side of the car, the overall design of the new car is relatively rounded, and the roof line adopts a slightly sloping design, which can make this medium-sized SUV look more agile. In terms of body size, the new car has a length, width, and height of 4949/1950/1725mm, and a wheelbase of 2830mm.

At the rear of the vehicle, the new car adopts “Π” Type light group, with good visual recognition. The overall rear end difference between the pure electric version and the plug-in hybrid version is not significant, and it seems that we can only distinguish them through the rear end logo.

In terms of interior, the elements of Diamond Star are spread throughout the entire vehicle interior, and the seats and door panels are pressed with a new technology to create various irregular diamond cut surfaces. At night, the instrument atmosphere lights are sparkling, bringing a better driving and riding experience. The auxiliary instrument panel has transformed from a physical button into an integrated touch panel, and also incorporates a wireless charging function design; The side features a soft bag and metal trim, enhancing the sense of luxury and quality.

The car is also equipped with a middle row dual aviation desk, which can facilitate various usage scenarios for business and family travel. At the same time, we see that the second row also uses a LCD touch screen to complete air conditioning and other operations. In addition, Denza N8 is equipped with a large sunroof that can be freely opened and is equipped with a sunshade. In terms of spatial performance, Denza N8 has 6/7 seats available to meet family travel needs. Passengers can easily move around in the middle aisle of the second row and enter and exit the third row space.

In terms of power, Denza N8 is equipped with a DM-p super hybrid system, paired with an EHS electric hybrid system and a 1.5T Xiaoyun engine with 40.12% high thermal efficiency. The motor has a comprehensive power of 360kW, and the acceleration from 0-100km/h is only 4.3s. It has a fuel consumption of 6.45L/100km per 100 kilometers under NEDC standard, and the comprehensive range of full fuel and full electricity can reach 1030 kilometers. In addition, the new car will also be equipped with the Yunnian-C system, which can actively adjust suspension damping compared to traditional passive suspension, taking into account comfort and performance. In addition, the new car will also integrate 90 kW fast charging technology.