Channel Integration, Whether Mercedes-Benz Can Revitalize Denza?


As the first batch of new energy car companies in China, Denza’s sales have been tepid and still need “blood transfusion” to survive. On June 1st, Daimler and BYD jointly released the Denza’s new operation mode: From July 1, 2019, Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales Service Co., Ltd. will officially take charge of the operation of some Denza’s business, including sales. , marketing and brand communication, customer service, network development, etc., using the advantages of Mercedes-Benz’s sales channels in China to open the market for Denza.

Up to now, Denza has still only one vehicle in China market, that is, Denza 500. Due to various reasons such as brand strength, Denza 500 sales is not good. In the past five years, Denza has lost more than 3.5 billion yuan, with an average annual loss of 700 million yuan. Due to various factors such as single model and inaccurate price positioning, Denza has sold only a few thousand vehicles a year. In 2018, it only sold 1974 vehicles, down 58.12% year-on-year. The sales system is merged into Mercedes-Benz or creates conditions for the sales of the new model Concept X in the future.

On March 30, 2012, Shenzhen Denza New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. launched China’s first brand dedicated to new energy vehicles, DENZA. On April 20, 2014, Denza’s first electric car was launched worldwide at Beijing Auto Show.

Shenzhen Denza New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. is a joint venture established by BYD, a leading Chinese energy vehicle company, and Daimler, the world’s luxury car manufacturing giant. It was formally established in 2010 and is headquartered in Shenzhen. .

About Denza 500

Denza 500 offers two variants with different drive motor. The higher-powered version adopts a permanent magnet synchronous motor with peak power of 184Ps (135kW) and peak torque of 300N·m. The lower-powered version is 86kW in max. power and the peak torque is 290 N·m.

Price of Denza 500 are 298,800 and 328,800 yuan.