Darcen Auto All-New Qiling T15 Pickup to be Released in China Market


JDMC (Qiling Auto) is a joint venture company by Dorcen Auto and Jiangling Group, located in Fuzhou, Jiangxi Province. It mainly produces commercial vehicles and new energy products. Qiling T15 is a all-new pickup truck introduced by Dorcen Auto.

In terms of appearance, the front face of Qiling T15 pickup uses hexagonal large-area air intake grille and is connected to the headlights on both sides. The design of the headlights is also very fashionable, the overall shape of the car is full. The “JDMC” brand logo at the central grille and the tailgate is very conspicuous.

This is the interior design of Dorcen G60s

In terms of interiors, the Qiling T15 will use SUV-grade interiors, although it has not yet been exposed, but we’ve learned that the pickup is expected to be similar to the Darcen D60s SUV. It will use electronic digital instrument panels, with a central control large screen design, the center console Shapes, leather seats, etc. will be retained. As a result, Qiling T15 is likely to have an automatic transmission and use an electronic knob shifter instead of the traditional gear lever!

Darcen Qiling T15 will firstly introduce the diesel version, including four models the standard /long wheelbase version and the two-wheel drive/four-wheel drive version. The body size of the standard wheelbase model is 5350/1910/1880mm, the truck bed size is 1475/1525/530mm, the wheelbase is 3145mm; the body size of long-wheelbase model is 5635/1910/1880mm, and the truck bed size is 1770/1525/530mm, the wheelbase is 3430mm.

Qiling T15 pickup is expected to be powered by Jiangxi-Isuzu JE4D25Q5A 2.5T diesel engine. This engine is widely used in many Chinese pickups such as Zhongxing Terralod, Huanghai N3, Jiangxi-Isuzu Ruimai, and Lingtuo pickups. It has maximum power of 98kW(131hp) and peak torque of 320N·m.

About Dorcen Auto

Dorcen Auto is a brand new Chinese independent automobile brand created by Wu Xiao. Dorcen is a brand new independent automobile brand that is positioned to be young and fashionable. Its qualifications cover passenger cars, commercial vehicles and new energy vehicles.

It is worth mentioning that Wu Xiao, the Chairman of Dorcen Auto, is the son of Wu Jianzhong, and his father Wu Jianzhong was the chairman of Zotye Automobile. After the listing of Zotye Automobile, Wu Jianzhong left Zotye. As the founder of Zotye Automobile, Wu Jianzhong contributed to the development of Zotye Automobile. However, the current market reputation of Zotye Auto is not so good due to the reputation of “copycat”. Dorcen is a new brand that Wu Jianzhong might to divest itself from Zotye.

Dorcen Auto has Jiangling Motors Group as the “backing” and shares supplier resources such as Bosch, Philips and Webasto, and there are reports that Dorcen Auto has completed more than 100 4S stores, more than 600 distribution outlets and more than 400 service stations.