Kia’s all-new electric car spied with code name OV


We obtained a set of test spy photos of Kia‘s new electric vehicle “OV”. Combined with the recently exposed information, this new electric car is expected to be produced in China in 2023 and will be exported to the global market in the future.

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At present, the new car is still in a state of high camouflage, but it can be seen that the body size of the new car is still relatively considerable. At the same time, judging from the outline of the vehicle, the new car is expected to be a relatively tough SUV product. In addition, the real-shot model is equipped with a unique low-drag wheel rim, which is highly recognizable.

At the same time, we also captured the interior of the vehicle. It can be seen that not only the center console, but even the seats are currently kept secret. However, we can vaguely see that the steering wheel of the new car may adopt a relatively unique design, not a conventional circular shape.

The word OV is printed on the suspension of the new car, so we guess that the new car is a new electric car code-named “OV” that will be produced in China and exported to the world in the future. However, at present, we do not know the information about the power and battery life of the new car, and we will continue to pay attention to the news of the new car in the future.