DiDi Chuxing Launch Shared EV In Latin Amercia


Shared-car has become a common mode of travel in the Chinese market, it has also brought more diverse choices for people to travel. However, in Latin America, electric car-sharing fleets are still new. A few days ago, DiDi Chuxing launched the first electric vehicle sharing fleet in Latin America in Mexico through a mobile app. In the future, DiDi will increase technology investment in the region and further promote sustainable transportation innovation plans.

As early as April 2018, DiDi began operating online car rental and delivery services in Mexico, covering nearly 50% of the country’s 32 cities. In 2020, DiDi will launch a fleet of pure electric and hybrid vehicles in Mexico as the first new energy solution in Latin America for taxi services.

It is reported that more than 700 new energy vehicles of the fleet come from automakers such as BYD and Renault. Among them, 200 electric vehicles will become exclusive service vehicles for DiDi Platform, others will be temporary cooperative vehicles. Users can use the DiDi App to call a car in major cities in Mexico to attract a new energy vehicle. In the Chinese market, Didi Chuxing has nearly one million electric vehicles, and these vehicles account for more than 40% of the total mileage of electric vehicles in China. Although the 700 vehicles have a large gap compared with this, this is also an important attempt of DiDi’s innovative transportation model in Latin America.

According to statistics, in Asia, Latin America and Australia, DiDi provides users with more than 10 billion services each year. In Latin America, DiDi cover countries such as Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Brazil.