Riich M1 Review and Road Test – Several Design Defect


1, Riich M1‘s dashboard is not convenient to checkIn home-style instrument panel is very small,it’s not very easy to read

We don’t know if position of instrument panel design has defect or steering wheel size is too large, there will always some parts which are blocked in normal driving status. To do this, we have made a test, when a 164cm height woman drive sit inside, the lower left corner of the tachometer can be seen, but central screen will be blocked in a half. Then we changed to a male driver, the height is 175cm, the tachometer was completely blocked.

2, Riich M1‘s light lever is a little far away from the steering wheel

Light lever is pretty, it’s just a bit far away from the steering wheel, it’s not able to be reached by left hand in normal grip position.

3, No cosmetic mirror on driver’s sun visor

There is no make-up mirror on sun visor in driver's seat
Therefore, we also hope that manufacturers will improve this BUG, this is also a very important part. Furthermore, light control lever at left hand is too little too far, it can not reach in normal grip position!

4, The rear seat can not be folded down while people in front row is in normal driving posture

At this point our height of 175cm driver is in normal driving status, but at this moment the back row seat cannot fold down, obviously it is not wide enough

To be completely fold down to ground, you can only move forward the front seat

To completely fold down rear seat, need to first take off seat cushion and headrest, after foled down, it is flat between the backrest and trunk ground, no steps, it is a good advantage. However, because body size is small, to set off a full-flat seat back, the front seats can only be  moved forward, but at the moment, the height of 175cm driver can not be sit very well in front row.

5, Riich M1‘s cup holders and other storage design is too little

Standard round-bottom bottle can be right put inside, the square one is not too well to place

Glove box is not too large but with regular shape, mold process and details of the work are good

It’s better to design a storage box here

Storage design lacks of new ideas and flexibility, this is a common problem in micro-car. There is only one narrow storage box in Riich M1‘s front door panel and one cup base in front row. There is no storage design except the glove box. Normally there will be a practical storage box behind the steering wheel while use central dashboard design, But this is not considered on Riich M1, space was just wasted.

Static Experience Summary:

Riich M1 is very small and cute, it has its own unique design whether appearance or interior trim. Meanwhile, the work also reflects the progress of technic level in independent brand. In practical terms, Riich M1 can be further improved, so it might make up for deficiencies in the space. As a novice entry-level car, it is enough. With less than 40,000 RMB low price, and the price of this 1.3 L top configuration car we experienced today is more than fifty thousand RMB, in this price range,Riich M1 has to face many strong competitors, such as the  Brilliance FRV 1.3L models, such as the Great Wall Florid.