CHERY STERRA ES Made Debut on Guangzhou Show with All-new Battery Powered Sedan


Update on December 20th 2023, Sterra ES was officially launched with a total of 5 trims, with a price range of 225,800 to 339,800 yuan on the Chinese market. The new car is positioned as a mid to large-sized pure electric sedan, equipped with air suspension and CDC as standard throughout the series. The CLTC standard maximum range can reach 905km, making it a high-end model of the brand.

At the 2023 Shanghai Auto Show, EXEED (a brand under CHERY)’s latest new energy series, the STERRA, introduced its first mid to large pure electric sedan, STERRA ES, and its interior also made its debut. STERRA ES can also be considered as the sibling of the Luxeed S7 that is going to be sold by Huawei.

STERRA ES is positioned as a mid to large pure electric sedan, with a length of approximately 4.95 meters, a wheelbase of approximately 2.9 meters, and a width of approximately 1.96 meters; In terms of appearance, STERRA ES features a very minimalist design, and the new car’s body is relatively smooth.

The new car features a feathered light group below the headlights, and the main lights feature a very minimalist design with a through style light strip. The new car is equipped with a LiDAR on the front forehead, a smooth body on the side, a small antenna design at the end of the car window, and a hidden door handle.

The interior of the new car has been previously released, featuring an all-new two spoke steering wheel with a small instrument panel area and a floating large screen in the center. The center console of the new car is also decorated with a crystal panel and equipped with ambient lighting, which overall has a very good visual effect. In terms of details, there is a wireless charging panel and storage slot designed below the central control screen, and there is also a HUD head up display in front of the steering wheel.

In terms of power, the new car may be offered with both single e-motor and dual e-motor versions, and in the future, it may be equipped with rear wheel steering and air suspension. At present, the official information provided is that the new car has achieved a 0-100 km/h acceleration of 3 seconds and a range of 700+kilometers. The fast charging function can achieve a range of 150km/h in 5 minutes.