Chery’s two mini EV Wujie Pro & Little Ant Pro spied by MIIT


Whether it is joint venture or Chinese independent brand, they are all making efforts in the new energy vehicle market. For example, Chery has launched the auto ecological brand iCar Ecology. Recently, we obtained the declaration map of the second model under the brand, which is Chery QQ Wujie Pro (Chinese says “无界Pro”) & Little Ant Pro (Chinese says “小蚂蚁Pro”).

Chery QQ Wujie Pro

It is reported that the car may be launched in the second quarter of this year. Chery QQ Unbounded Pro is built on the @LIFE platform. The two models will be differentiated by different kit designs, targeting different consumer groups with different design styles. In addition, we learned from the declaration information that both new models are facelifts or replacement models.

Chery Little Ant Pro

Both cars adopt a two-door design and adopt the crossover style of sedan and SUV, with relatively high ground clearance. The new car has very rich lines and shapes, and has a good sense of fashion and sports. The doors occupy a large proportion of the body, and the X-shaped C-pillar design also makes the new car look quite stylish.

Chery Little Ant Pro

The surrounds, rims, rear wings and front and rear logos of the two cars will be significantly different. The Little Ant Pro with smaller rim size will be more cost effective. Wujie PRO obviously focuses on individual sports, and the overall visual effect is more trendy.

Wujie Pro

According to the previous spy photos of the Little Ant Pro, although the two cars use a two-door design, they still provide four seats in the car. The front seats are sport-style one-piece seats, and the rear is two seats that can be folded 50/50.

Through the spy photos, we found that the new car adopts a central control screen with relatively high display quality, and the physical buttons for common functions are reserved below. The most special thing is that the center of the lower button has a gear display design, and the middle of the knob is the engine start-stop button, so the function of the lower knob is to control the gear or the volume, which is still unknown.

It is reported that Wujie PRO is also equipped with the third-gen Qualcomm 6155 in-vehicle chip, whose single-core maximum frequency can reach 1.9GHz. In addition, the new car is equipped with a 540° panoramic image. This function can transmit the road conditions directly under the chassis to the in-vehicle image system, helping the driver to have a more comprehensive understanding of the road conditions under the vehicle and realizing the transparent chassis function.

In terms of power, Wujie PRO will be powered by a 70kW e-motor, which has obvious advantages in the same class of models. The Little Ant Pro may use an upgraded 55kWe- motor.