Chery’s new EV leaked with coupe-style design


Recently, some Chinese media exposed a set of patent drawings of a suspected Chery’s new pure electric car, which may be named “Ruiteng 01”. The new car adopts a coupe-style fastback body design with hidden door handles, which is relatively young and dynamic overall.

The patent picture exposed on the Internet is the new car code-named “RT01” from Hebei Ruiteng New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. It is reported that the company and Chery New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd. have cooperated in the construction of the Chery (Shijiazhuang) new energy vehicle project, so we suspect that the car is suspected to be a new pure electric car of Chery New Energy. According to the patent drawing, we can see that the front face of the car adopts a closed design, and the irregular headlights seem to be connected by a decorative strip, which increases the layering of the front face.

From the side of the vehicle, we can see the car’s coupe-style fastback body, and the slanted rear window line also makes the rear of the vehicle very prominent. In addition, the car may also use hidden door handles. At the rear, the new car also uses a bar-type taillight group design, which echoes the front of the car.

We can see the interior design of the car. The interior of the new car adopts a black color scheme. The air-conditioning outlet and the handlebar are covered with rose gold chrome. The elements are decorated, and the three-spoke multifunctional steering wheel makes the new car look very young. The biggest surprise of the interior part comes from the integrated large screen on the center console that runs through the instrument panel. The size is exaggerated, extending from the position of the instrument panel of the traditional model to the front of the passenger seat. There is still relatively little information about new cars, we will continue to pay attention.