Chery Tiggo 8 to launch the “PRO” version soon in the Chinese market


Recently, Chery Auto released the official images of its new model, Tiggo 8 PRO, this is the 3rd model in Tiggo 8 family, it is aimed at young families. Earlier, according to the official reply to fans, the model is expected to be officially launched in May. There is also a video spied at the same time, mainly the lighting demonstration and seat demonstration part, these are also the most eye-catching parts of this new vehicle.

The overall design of the new car is more aggressive, with a brand-new front grille and an irregularly-shaped black grille inside, creating a strong momentum. In addition, the new car’s headlights are connected to the front grille, which not only enhances the visual width of the front face but also brings a strong overall sense. In terms of details, the new car incorporates colored trim strips in the front surround and the fog lamp areas on both sides, which further enhances the refinement of the car.

The biggest highlight of Tiggo 8 PRO’s appearance is the welcome light. According to the previously leaked light demonstration video, this time Chery has played a new term “energy concept”. The LED light guide belt will have a strong sense of ceremony when unlocking and locking the car.

In terms of the rear, the shaped rear is full of layers. It features the popular bar-type taillight shape, which enhances the visual width of the rear. After lighting, it will have a good visual effect. In addition, the car also has a bilateral exhaust design with a total of four outlets. At the same time, according to the tail mark of the vehicle, it is proposed that a four-wheel-drive version will be provided.

From the inside of the car, the new car adopts a minimalist design concept, which is expected to be basically the same as the OMODA5. The dual-screen design with a size of 24.6 inches is eye-catching. It is also equipped with the W-HUD head-up display function first launched by Chery, it is able to display vehicle speed, dynamic ADAS, navigation, telephone, and other forms.

Judging from the latest spy video, this co-pilot seat with electric leg rest is called “Queen’s seat” by Chery, and it even has a massage function.

Tiggo 8 PRO will also have the same power combination as Tiggo 8 Plus with 1.6TGDI/2.0TGDI fuel, Kunpeng DHT hybrid, “CHERY AWD” Chery all-scenario intelligent control four-wheel drive.