Chery Tiggo 4 (Tiggo 5x) Review: Chassis, Front & Rear Suspension Are from Jaguar Land Rover and Qoros?


For the Chery Tiggo 4 (Tiggo 5x), everyone is actually concerned about the so-called “independent research and development” T1X platform. Because many sources have clearly stated that T1X is the chassis that Chery developed itself, it took three years and has absorbed many technologies from Jaguar Land Rover and Qoros, so this makes the T1X platform got glided from birth.

But what is the actual situation? Has Chery really made a complete platform in three years? We can really get a vehicle with only 100,000 yuan that based on Jaguar Land Rover chassis technology, the T1X platform is really starting from zero and 100% self-developed by Chery? This makes us curious about this Tiggo 4 (Tiggo 5x).

Chassis: Oil pan is easy to be bottomed out

Although there are lower guard under the engine, it can be seen from this angle that the Tiggo 4(Tiggo 5x)’s chassis is not so flat, the oil pan of engine and transmission is convex, the thin plastic guard cannot be protected at all if it is bottomed out.

The exhaust components on the chassis are only partially insulated, there is no entire insulation protection.

As we can see from the groove in the center of the chassis, Tiggo 4 (Tiggo 5x)’s chassis can be fitted with a four-wheel drive version.

The Tiggo 4 (Tiggo 5x)’s chassis has no side guards, so the lines on the chassis are naked, but the chassis paint is still very complete.

Front suspension: “Pretend” to be a full frame sub-frame

From many media materials, everyone thinks that the front sub-frame of the Tiggo 4(Tiggo 5x) is a full-frame structure, but if you look closely, you will find that although the sub-frame looks like “full-frame”, the front cross beam of sub-frame is only a thin single-layer stamped steel plate. It is bolted to the two longitudinal beams of the sub-frame, the front cross beam with such weak strength is unable to enhance the rigidity of vehicle body, it can only serve as radiator support bracket, so we classify it as “H-shaped” sub-frame.

The Tiggo 4(Tiggo 5x) front suspension is a standard MacPherson suspension. However, one thing worthy mentioning is that the swing arm of front suspension is made of cast iron, although it has some rusty marks, it is slightly stronger than those cheap ones that use single-layer stamping steel.

Rear suspension: Multi-link strut

There are not many models using independent rear suspension in this segment, Tiggo 4(Tiggo 5x) is one of them, the subframe of rear suspension is a true full-frame structure.

The Tiggo 4(Tiggo 5x) rear suspension adopts two upper control arms, one lower swing arm and one longitudinal arm, the damping system is shock/spring separate structure.

What is more surprising is that the rear connection plate of the Tiggo 4(Tiggo 5x) turned out to be aluminum alloy. It is rarely used in the same class. The sole purpose of using aluminum alloy is to reduce the weight.

Summary: The development of T1X platform may not start from zero.

Chery Tiggo 4(Tiggo 5x) is based on the self-developed T1X platform, many people say that the T1X platform is integrated with Qoros and Jaguar Land Rover technology, however, in fact, we have not found any relevant technical features.

Development cycle of a car is between 3-4 years according to experience, a new platform development requires at least 7-8 years, while the T1X development cycle is only three years. The research and development of T1X should not be “start from zero”, but be transformed from the “foundation” of others. Anyway, no matter where the T1X platform comes from, it provides a forward-looking technical idea for many Chinese independent vehicle brands.