Chery Tiggo 3 Model 2009 Review and Test Drive (7)


Author’s viewpoint :

In recent years, Tiggo, as a own brand, it’s long progress really impressed us, although there’s too many aspect which need to be improved, we are looking forward Chery’s constant improvement  in the national brand.

Back to the product, although the factory set Tiggo a new concept, we insist that it should be vested in SUV category, its use is clearly in city use, Tiggo is able-bodied, with tigerish, the flexible space composition really brings convenience to users, whether traveling or loading, it’s better than a general sedan. The biggest action of Tiggo 3 Model 2009 is to inhance configuration 09 new models in the basis of maintaining the existing advantages, the biggest move was to enhance the configuration, noise reduction, the return value to the user, and this is currently the most valued in the low-end users.
We believe that improvements in Tiger 3 Model 2009 is self-improvement process to enhance the way of cost-effective. Tiggo has been laid a good market base in the past few years, the emergence of new car market was stable, and even further to provide favorable conditions to expand the market.

1. With Magnificent  and mature shape, and with fashion sense
2. Generous fresh, clean, tidy in cabin layout
3. Flexible interior space, rear seats can be simply demolished
4. Good driving stability, noise reduced
5. Comfortable Seat
6. Simple and convenient control and operation, suitable for city traffic
7. Configuration upgrade, higher cost-effective

1. Power is as usual, acceleration is not fast
2. Operability is not high, ability of turning is not very high, off-road ability is low
3. Non-stand-on rear suspension impacts the comfort
4. Braking system is little bit soft, needs to be strengthened

Specifications of Chery Tiggo Model 2009 1.6MT:
Engine: 16V DOHC inline four-cylinder multi-point Electronic Fuel Injection
Displacement: 1597cc
Maximum Power: 80kw/5800rpm
Maximum torque: 147Nm/4300-4500rpm
Length / width / height: 4285/1765/1705mm
Wheelbase: 2510mm
Curb weight: 1375kg
Fuel tank capacity: 57L
Luggage capacity: 520LTransmission system: 5-speed manual transmission, front-precursor
Suspension: Independent front McPherson type, rear non-standing vertical arm drag
Brake system: disc brake in front and rear
Steering: rack and pinion, hydraulic power
Tires: 215/65 R16
Maximum speed: 160km / h

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