Chery Tiggo 3 Model 2009 Review and Test Drive (5)


Tiggo 3 Model 2009 1.6 MT driving and operation-control –Suitable for urban road

From the view that Tiggo is positioned on NCV by Chery, obviously intended to emphasize the use of city utility vehicle, and therefore can control the basic sectors have followed this set. Steering wheel with hydraulic power, low speed or in situ is not playing round effort, with one hand for easy operation, but feel a slight lack of uniformity of help, after a large section of the preceding small. Clutch, throttle and brake pedals are not heavy foot, easy operation, but we feel a little pedal feedback force seems inadequate, is not conducive to precise control of depth.

Tiggo’s suspension system adopt with McPherson stand-alone (front) and Non-standing vertical arm drag in rear, which is a rather obvious combination of car-based. The suspension is with medium comfort, when the car through potholes  it has shock absorption, but some part of the shock will pass up, and the body of the spring appears to frequent, but overall still guaranteed comfort. In contrast, as the rear suspension is non-independent, when the wheels on both sides are not in the same plane, the wobble from the back row is much stronger than in the front row. As the vehicle’s height and soft suspension, the ability is a little low when Tiggo 3 is turning, side sway is obvious when Tiggo is turning with a high speed, that means Tigger is not specialized in high speed control. In addition, it has a general chassis, with front-wheel drive, the performance on off-road is not very high, it’s just better than general sedan cars, so we don’t have ross-country test.

In high speed, the stability of Tiggo should be affirmed, even though vehicle is high, but no fragmented shock and issued the “drift” sense , the steering wheel does not vain, gives good confidence., although the performance of Tiggo driving noise is not too good, but obviously has a much progress than old type, we use decibel meter measured the following results:

Although brake disc in front and rear are adopted by Tiggo, and  also ABS, EBD are configured, performance we tested by instruments was not satisfactory, the following results:

From the above chart shows the speed curve is smooth when it’s braking, and acceleration values are stable, remaining at-0.8G in fluctuations, as the -0.8G acceleration value is indeed a little low, the result is that breaking distance is little longer. However, when we look from the braking process, the body’s stability is not bad, no deflection, beat. We hope that the Tiggo may be appropriate by increasing brake pads, brake disc pressure and other measures to enhance the braking force, as for the stability of the braking force will only continue.

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