Chery Riich G5 Review and Road Test – Storage and Space


Front Row Space:

Riich G5 front row space

Probably because the chassis is designed from Europeans, seat is one of the important parts in controllability, soRiich G5′s seat is rather with European style, seat is a little bit hard and uncomfortable, but it will provide a strong support in long time driving, adjustable lumbar support is also a practical detail. The picture shows the driver’s seat of its top model, height and seat angle can be electrically adjusted, and the backrest angle can be manually adjusted in backward and forward, it is fairly easy to use.

Riich G5 Front row space

 However, in my personally opinion – as a sporty model, this set of seat lacks of sporty sense.

Back Row Space:

Riich G5 Rear Row Space

As the chassis control is the main selling point, it is in the contemplation that G5‘s rear space is not a strong point, we can see from the measured data below, its vertical leg room, knee space, rear horizontal width are 8,9 cm smaller than the rival model Epica, BYD F6. This determines that the G5‘s back row space will be just enough but not comfortable. But the G5 makes up for the insufficiency of space through more comprehensive details:  the rear seat’s backrest, cushion angle and size are moderate, there are three separate rear headrests, a rear window sunshade, armrest with cup holder and storage box, in addition to the most pleasing is that the rear air-co outlet can be independently adjusted, this equipment is rare in the same level vehicles.

Riich G5 Rear Row Space

Storage Space:

Riich G5 Storage Space

G5 cabin convenience is quite satisfactory, although there are no cup holder and storage boxes in center console, there are storage boxes on each of four door panels; however glove box and armrest storage box are not big enough, the glove box is covered with flannel in the liner, cup holder on armrest and storage box at back row have done the same process, it looks in top grade.

Riich G5 Storage Space

G5‘s trunk is very special, the internal shape is very “profound”, but the width is not wide, the open angle is small, we can imagine that it is not very convenient to put things in it. It is very flat in it, the trunk adopts with hydraulic pillar, spare tire is full-size OE wheel, all the details are top grade.

Trunk Space:

Riich G5 Trunk space

The biggest shortcoming is that trunk and back seat can not be interconnected, the back seat can not be folded, but we can seen in the trunk a set of “X”-shaped frame, it is clearly that’s for ensuring vehicle rigidity so they disposal this feature.

Riich G5 Trunk space


Ad the aspect of safety, G5 has excellent body rigidity, it has been passed C-NCAP in 4 stars. The worthy concerning is that only ESP  is only listed as G5’s optional part, although it is acceptable with such one hundred thousand price vehicle (many other same class model are not equipped with it), since G5’s selling point is handling and technology, and younger brother A3 also comes standard with a ESP, we feel that manufacturer should classify ESP as G5‘s standard configuration.