Chery Rely X5 Review & Road Test – Appearance (2)


The biggest highlights of Rely X5 rear view is the hexagon design of the exhaust pipe under the rear bumper, with the decorative chrome metal, it looks very elaborate, but also enhance the texture. Three parking sensors are visible, for such a large body is indeed a very important item configuration, but with the body color if some of the same color will be better, or a distance, seems to be no painting of the rivet.

Chery Rely X5

Chery Rely X5 - Rear View

Rely X5’ and Riich G5 share the same engine of 2.0L turbocharged engine, maximum power 125KW, the maximum torque of 210N · m, 1.92 tons of vehicle to promote not find it hard to speed on urban roads also more rapid, and Rely X5 also comes with 4L mode.

Chery Rely X5 - 2.0TCI Engine

Rely X5 is equipped with four-wheel drive system time-sharing, both in the high-speed switches to high-speed four-wheel drive, you can switch directly in city driving, when you need to switch to low-speed four-wheel drive, the need to a parked car, will be linked into gear neutral gear, engaged the clutch can be switched. Another Rely X5‘s wheel-drive system uses the switch mode design, convenient to switch on the go.

Chery Rely X5

Rely X5 adopted after the former double-arm torsion bar spring spiral spring the overall five-link suspension bridge structures, five-link suspension structure can be balanced to bring non-carry-type body of excess vibration and bumps, to improve comfort. Also sitting in the car can clearly feel the Rely X5 suspension tuned more in good health, although at the expense of some comfort, but the off-road performance is assured.

Chery Rely X5
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