Chery New Tiggo Review – New Quality


New quality – export inspection-free+ 46 items of technology upgrade + addition configuration

The first European vehicle type approval by WVTA (50 items), New Tiggo quality to meet international standards and by virtue of its high cost, now has 30 million users worldwide. The New Tiggo in NVH, air-conditioning systems, braking systems and other aspects of the 46-round upgrade in vehicle noise control, cooling and heating, outstanding performance in terms of shifting smoothly, and take the high road in the configuration, all increase the multifunction steering wheel and multi-line mirrors, high model has a number of discs with CD, electric sunroof, electric heated seats and other luxury equipment.

Chery New Tiggo

As China’s first export inspection exemption model, Tiggo have successfully landed more than 70 countries and regions. The well-verified overseas markets, Tiggo own products have obvious advantages. In addition to the stylish appearance of the world by storm, filling the high car style user-friendly high-tech equipment, and everything’s security configuration, consumers value most is the Tiggo the holdings of the world 300,000 free export inspection and the highest quality models. In addition, using the most stringent quality manufacturing standards, New Tiggo the entire department in parts quality, process quality, assembly quality and other aspects, than non-“professional certification” model has obvious advantages. Therefore, Tiggo popular around the world more than seventy countries and regions are also reasons to be natural thing.
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New Tiggo from the auto show booth scene hot new situation, the main impact of the New Tiggo more fashionable, the young consumer target market, I believe that a dynamic fashion with the new look and feel, the right way beyond the imagination of new quality and new drivers New prospects will be very broad Tiggo!
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