Chery Fulwin series will return to the market with electrified labels


Recently, Chery Motors announced the all-new new energy product series name: Fulwin (Fengyun). Fulwin was once a fuel powered sedan under Chery, with two generations of models launched and discontinued in 2016 on the Chinese market. Today, Chery has chosen to make this dusty name reappear in front of consumers as a new energy source, and the new Fulwin series is expected to be officially released in the fourth quarter.

Chery has also released a preview of the first model in the new Fulwin series, the A9, which will also be unveiled in the fourth quarter. From an external perspective, the car adopts a star shaped dot matrix grille, which is equipped with guide grooves on both sides to enhance its sporty feel. The interior of the headlight group adopts unique three triangular light sources, which look very sharp with the rugged LED light strip. The application of large-sized multi spoke wheels further enhances the sportiness of the entire vehicle.

It is reported that the vehicle will be equipped with the Kunpeng Super Energy hybrid C-DM power system, consisting of a hybrid dedicated engine, a hybrid dedicated gearbox, a hybrid dedicated battery, and a battery management system, which can achieve high fuel economy and overall vehicle safety. Chery is currently continuously promoting its new energy strategy and has formed a development strategy that combines multiple technological routes such as hybrid, extended range, pure electricity, and hydrogen energy, which will meet the needs of users in the new energy era.