Chery EXEED Zhuifeng will be available in a hybrid version


We learned from the official that CHERY EXEED Zhuifeng ET-i will be launched on March 2. The new SUV will be a plug-in hybrid model with a comprehensive fuel consumption as low as 1.0L/100km, and the pre-sale price is 150,000- 160,000 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the new car is basically the same as the fuel model. The headlights use four LED headlights, and the black decoration with the EXEED logo connects the headlights on both sides. The air intake grille is located on the entire bumper, and the large mouth grille runs through the entire front face.

There is a charging interface on the front fender on the main driving side of the vehicle, and the waistline of the body is dynamic and runs through the entire body. The rear is designed with bar-type taillights, and the exclusive logo of the plug-in hybrid model is added.

In terms of interior, the new car adopts dual 12.3-inch dual-connection screens, and the air-conditioning panel also adopts touch control with a stronger sense of technology. The new car is equipped with the Lion Zhiyun 4.0 system, which supports FOTA remote upgrade. The high-end models also provide AR real-time navigation, face recognition and SONY brand audio.

In terms of power, the new car will be equipped with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T engine + electric motor, in which the engine has a maximum power of 156 horsepower and a peak torque of 230 Nm, comprehensive power output is 240kW, matching the ET-i super-hybrid (Dedicated Hybrid Transmission, DHT), the comprehensive range will be more than 1000km, the fuel consumption is 4.8L/100km, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is as low as 1.0L/100km.