Chery EXEED LX Has a Twin-Screen, More Pictures For EXEED LX


We have obtained a set of spy shot of Chery’s high-end brand Exeed’s second SUV, the EXEED LX.

It is reported that the body size of EXEED LX is 4533/1848/1699mm and the wheelbase is 2670mm. The front face of the new car is designed with multiple horizontal lines to make the front face look layered and the color is very textured. A chrome trim on the front edge of the bonnet extends over the headlights. The headlights should be LED light source.

The rear end shape also continues the flat design language of the front face, and the bar-style taillights are the family-style design of the EXEED brand, the bilateral exhaust pipe outlet at the rear ara the “real” exhaust pipe outlet.

The biggest selling point of this car might be the twin screen inside the car. The instrument panel and the center console each use a 12.3-inch screen, and the large screen runs through it, it looks like very high-tech, which is a popular design in current China auto makers.

The large screen on the center console can display a lot of information, it can also simulate the three-dimensional view around the car body, it looks good from the picture. The system also presents multiple viewing angles (2D, front, rear, and sides). In addition, although there are two large screens, the manufacturer still retains some physical buttons.