Chery Auto Unveiled New Version Jetour X Concept Car At 2019 Shanghai Auto Show

2019 Jetour X Concept Car

The Chery Automobile Jetour brand has released a new version of the JETOUR X concept car on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show. JETOUR X concept car is based on Jetour iPeL platform, featuring intelligent, internet and lightweight. The first version of JETOUR X concept was unveiled last year, the design was optimized and re-launched at the Shanghai Auto Show。

JETOUR X is a new attempt by JETOUR to provide a new intelligent driving solution for the new car life. Through the appearance, we can see that the 2019 JETOUR X continues the design concept of Jetour family design language, which has many Chinese cultural elements.

2018 Jetour X Concept

Compared to the previous version, 2019 JETOUR X concept car is optimized for LOGO, front grille and headlights, making the front face more sharp and textured. The flat headlights extend to the eyebrows, we can see the square wheel eyebrows and the newly designed hubs.

By comparing the previous works, we can also see that the new JETOUR X has been adjusted for the D-pillar, and the semi-suspended roof design makes the connection between the body and the roof more harmonious.

The interior of the large screen and the new steering wheel are also very avant-garde. According to the plan, by 2022, the iPeL platform will realize intelligent, network-based, and hydrogen-fueled vehicles based on 5G technology. In addition, a large number of intelligent technologies such as AI interconnection, wireless charging, high-efficiency multi-speed shifting system, and intelligent four-wheel drive will also appear on the Jetour series vehicles.

Chery Jetour X Concept Car

This is the Jetour X Concept Car debuted on 2019 Shanghai Auto Show, do you like the design? #Chery #JetourX #ConceptCar #CheryJetour

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