Chery A1 Review and Road Test – Summary


Chery A1

Chery A1 is a successful product, they are all innovation from appearance to internal style, it does go in front of all the opponents, and the head start is not tiny bit.

During test drive of the vehicle, we can see Chery would like to do well for this international car, but perhaps they are too willing to do it well, some details can be simplified or even a little more popular, instead it’s complicated. For example, for such a city car, the engine can be calibrated better in low torque condition, high-speed can be properly ignored, but Chery has turned a big circle, it strengthened the high speed power output which is not the demand for a small car. 

We would also like to say, the words “internationalize” is not only to add a DVD screen on such a small car, many aspects of balance and adjustment is the key, what kind of equipment need to be configured on such class, and how it should be calibrated, after solved these problems, it then can be the world “international car”.

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