All-New Chery Tiggo 8 Review – Test Drive Experience


The appearance and interior of Chery Tiggo 8 is really exquisite and catches consumer’s eyes. So how is the driving experience of this car? Does the new 1.6T direct injection engine and the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox match well? Let’s take a look.

Power output: Double clutch is the weakness

At present, Chery Tiggo 8 are available in both 1.5T (multi-point EFI) and 1.6T (in-cylinder direct injection) engines, out test car is 1.6T, the maximum power is 145 kW and the maximum torque is 290 Nm.

From the data point of view, this 1.6T engine seems to be good, even the power exceeds the Volkswagen 1.8T EA888, many friends began to say ” Chery 1.6T engine is comparable to the Volkswagen 1.8T EA888.” However, in terms of actual experience, although the engine has a strong power output and the throttle response is relatively fast, it is still far worse than the EA888, the maximum torque appears late until 2000 rpm, while EA888 appear at 1500 rpm. torque is more important than power in normal daily driving,.

In addition, this 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox is also used to hinder the engine. In the starting stage, the clutch not only reacts slowly, but also has a relatively long half-linking time, vehicle will not move forward immediately when the brake is released and the accelerator is stepped on, it needs to wait a little while. The slow clutch will suddenly engage if you step on the gas naturally, then the car rush off with shake. The overall feeling is somewhat similar to the Great Wall’s WEY VV7, but it is much better than VV7.

The clutch downshift speed is slow when accelerating, and it also takes half a second to be downshifted, so the acceleration experience is not good. The transmission response is a bit slow even in smooth driving, but smoothness is OK, it is enough for urban driving.

Driving experience

Suspension tuning can be said to be quite bad, damping capacity is bad, any small bump can be transmitted to the car through the chassis, especially when going over bumps or holes, the chassis of this car is loose. In addition, the sound insulation is also bad, tire noise, wind noise, engine noise, almost all of them will pass into cabin.

As for handling and steering, it can be said that there is almost no handle feeling. Although the steering force is relatively light, the hand feels sticky and lacks steering force feedback.

Steering Force Test: Light

We are in the same section (the same ground friction), the tire pressure is adjusted to the manufacturer’s standard tire pressure, using the standard mode, use the tension gauge to rotate the steering wheel for 90 degrees in the same position, taking the maximum value.

The steering wheel of this car has a steering force of 1.28 kg, which is relatively light.

Engine Vibration Test: Very stable

Test method: turn off the air conditioner after the water temperature is normal, use the vibrometer to vertically crank the direction in the idle state, and touch the probe to the highest position in the middle of the engine metal body to measure the engine vibration acceleration value. The lower the value, the smaller the vibration. .

This car is a 1.6T transverse four-cylinder engine, the engine idle vibration value of 1.5 m / s ², which is really good.

Engine Noise Test: Loud

Test method: The engine is completely initialized, the water temperature is normal, the air conditioner is turned off, the test is performed under normal idle speed; open the engine hood, remove the engine cover, collect the noise 20 cm above the engine body, the average value (dBa) is taken as the engine noise outside the vehicle; In the car, close the window, the engine runs at 2000 rpm, and the noise meter is placed directly above the steering wheel. The average value is the engine noise (dBa) value. And comprehensive calculation is carried out with 30% of the weight inside the car and 70% of the weight outside the car.

The car’s engine outside noise is 69.5dBa, the interior noise is 60.2dBa. From the numerical point of view, the engine idle noise is not large, due to the bad sound insulation performance, the noise inside the car is high.

Low Beam Illumination Test: not bad

Test method: take the front end of the lamp as the base point, the distance is 2 meter far away from wall. Test under the normal working condition of the engine, and use the illuminance meter to take the maximum value in the range of the low beam illumination.

Headlight of all-new Tiggo 8 is LED light source with maximum illumination of 9950 lux, which is quite good.

Paint Color Difference: General

Test method: Use a color difference meter to take the reference value at the center of the hood. Perform comparative measurements at other locations on the body to record the location with the highest value. The body test sampling point is not less than 100.

After testing, the maximum color difference is located at the right front bumper, the color difference is 1.64 ΔE, which is blacker and yellower than the reference point. From the numerical point of view, the painting process is general.

Summary: Hinder each other

Compared with the exquisite appearance and interior, the driving experience of the all-new Tiggo 8 is completely different. Reluctantly count as a portable scooter. Whether it is power output, gearbox adjustment, chassis performance, or handling, they all need to be improved. As for the 1.6TGDI + 7-speed dual clutch, it seems that they are only dragging each other now.

For a modern car, the sufficient power, smooth shifting, and comfortable driving experience should be the most basic product principle, but the Tiggo 8 is really a pity, unfortunately it has just a pretty face

Of course, driving experience is still and weak point in many Chinese independent vehicle brands. Although Chery has been practicing for many years, there are still shortcomings. If Tiggo 8 worth buying? Please continue to pay attention to the follow-up car teardown content.